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Style Inspiration: Meet Dannie from Fashionably Femme

Dannie is one of our favorite Chicago bloggers and her recent look has inspired us to kick off our first Style Inspired Theme, #RavishingRuffles Week! Dannie has been bloggin’ her heart out since 2014, and recently rebranded at Fashionably Femme (formerly Stile.Foto.Cibo) to better fit how far her blog has come over the years.  What’s she all about? Well, in her own words,

“I serve queer femmes across the world by providing space and inspiration through blog posts, community building, and advocacy to erase femme invisibility and lift up the queer femme community.”

Ruffles trend for fall

Photo: Dan Yeo | Daddy Yeo Photography

We asked Dannie a few questions about her fab style that inspired our Ravishing Ruffles Week:

What kind of clothing would we find you in on a typical “day in the life” of you?

Casual chic! Skinny jeans, a button down, and a cardigan is my fave.

Best compliment you’ve received on Insta:

“This is my favorite picture of you!” In a jumpsuit under the El.

What makes your sense of style unique?

It’s Queer Af!

Fashionably Femme Ruffles

Fashionably Femme Ruffles Trend

#IAdoreWhatIWore Look:
Ruffled dress: @whowhatwearcollection from @Target
Earrings: @feministspeakeasy
Photo: @superdaddyyeo

Then we asked Dannie about Rebranding:

Tell us how you got into blogging:

I wanted to highlight my style journey from frump to fab. And the blog took on a mind of its own.

How did you know it was time to rebrand?

My old blog name just didn’t fit my brand anymore. I found myself explaining the mission of my blog and what I do more often than anything. And while that means my “elevator pitch” is on point, it was probably time to have a blog name that matched what I was saying. How many times did I have to explain that Stile.Foto.Cibo is where it started but it’s grown from there? Talking about growth is cool but this was getting annoying!

Dannie Queer AF

Was it a ton of work?

Oh my gosh this has been a lot of work and I’m still not done! From changing social handles and bios to spending way too much time with my hosting support chat to get a redirect up and running – it’s been constant work but worth it so far!

Pros, cons, or stuff you wish you’d known ahead of time?

Among some of the bigger challenges was definitely Pinterest. I spend so much time loading boards and pins with keywords, and going through all of that has been insanely time consuming! It’s working, though. My more viral pins are finally directing traffic back to the new site so I know it’s working!

One huge blessing has been that WordPress automatically redid all of my internal linking when I changed my domain and had everything redirect to the new URL. That made my work load dramatically smaller.

The biggest challenge still on my plate is a huge SEO audit. I’ve got my blog name in every single blog
post so I need to find some time to comb through all of them and make sure everything matches! It’s going to be a huge project that I plug away at for several months. Even with just the blog change and some keyword work on recent posts, I’m noting some amazing conversion from search engines so it’s definitely worth the work!

Would you recommend a rebrand to someone else?

If you think your brand has shifted enough that you need to change the name of your blog, then
absolutely it’s time. Are you constantly explaining why your name doesn’t fit your content anymore? It’s time to change. Do you just have content that would fit a different name? Time to rebrand! And remember, there’s never really a “good time” to do it. You just have to bite the bullet and make it happen. The change is going to be so scary but worth every second!

Ravishing Ruffles week

Follow Dannie here: @fashionablyfemme   |   Fashionably Femme

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