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Style Inspiration: Meet Megan from The Domestic Diva, MD

The definition of Style goes beyond just clothing and Megan from The Domestic Diva, MD helps us see that clearly. Megan is a self-proclaimed lover of food, amateur chef and fills her life with all beautiful things like travel, wine, and her dog Mocha! And yeah, you read those initials right — she’s not just our Style Inspiration, but she’s also a Doc! Megan has obviously learned that the secret to style is being so well-rounded!

While you mostly find her behind the camera, angling out some delish food dishes, we caught her in a “Classic Megan” look by Kate Spade that inspired this week’s theme: Perfect in Prints!

Megan Gayeski The Domestic Diva MD

#IAdoreWhatIWore Look:

Dress: Kate Spade
Heels: kelly and katie⠀
Photo: @superdaddyyeo

This is one girl you’ve got to meet! Read our interview with Megan here:

What makes your sense of style unique?

My goal is always style on a budget! I can get bored with a piece after a few years, so I want to make sure I got a good deal in the first place.  I wear a lot of vintage clothing styles (I own a LOT of fit and flare) with updated patterns and fabrics.

Tell us how you got into blogging:

I started blogging as stress relief in med school. I needed something to do that wasn’t related to studying, and cooking seemed to be a good outlet since I needed to eat!

What are your favorite tips for getting your personality out there when mostly posting pictures of food?

I try to only feature foods, either at home or traveling, that I truly enjoy eating, and explain WHY I loved it so much! If it’s a homemade meal, I try to explain how I put my own spin on it — or explain my shortcuts if I’ve had a long day at work!

Photo: Dan Yeo | Daddy Yeo Photography

Best compliment you’ve received on Insta:

You don’t dress like a doctor!

I swore your hair was natural! (I had red hair as a kid- it got blonde, so I’ve dyed it back to red for years!)

What do you consider your aesthetic?

For food, I like showing how fancy restaurant food can be made at home. When traveling, I like to make it a mix of touristy stuff (and give tips to personalize your experience) and things that are off the beaten path. My personal style definitely focuses on classics you can get on a budget. I’ve got crazy med school loans to pay back!

A Taste of Megan’s Life:

Follow Megan here: @thedomesticdivamd

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