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Style Inspiration: Meet Claire from Bumble and Bustle

Before you judge a blogger’s style, walk a mile in her shoes. Or in this case, her very favorite boots!

We were so inspired by Bumble and Bustle blogger Claire’s head-to-toe classic style that we made this week’s theme all about her: #BoldinBoots

I adore what I wore

#IAdoreWhatIWore Look:

Buffalo Plaid Top: Target
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet
Boots: Sam Edelman
Glasses: Karoo
Photo: @bahcallmemaybe

Get to Know Claire:

Claire is a small business owner turned blogger with a casual-cool and approachable style.  She’s the girl who orders champagne even at a dive bar, and you know the conversation is filled with lots of laughs! She posts a weekly series about all the things she loves, and trust us, you will love them too! But enough from us… we want to hear it from Claire’s perspective!

How do you describe your Blog, Bumble and Bustle?

I actually started with an Etsy shop of the same name. I design and sell coffee mugs for every occasion. I began using Instagram to help promote the shop and was so inspired by all the creatives and bloggers out there. About a year later, I launched to share the rest of my life in more depth.

Why is Instagram an important platform for you?

I love the creative outlet it provides and the community of individuals with a lot of the same interests. I’m always finding new shops, restaurants, and inspiration on Instagram.

Tell us about a day you felt amazing in your own skin?

I was recently in a wedding and the bride picked the most perfect simple dresses from David’s Bridal. They were long and navy and showed just a hint of cleavage. I felt so elegant and – no joke – I could actually see myself wearing it again!

Best compliment you’ve received on an outfit?

I love when I get compliments on pieces that were super inexpensive. Makes me feel like I scored a great deal!

What do you love about your #IAdoreWhatIWore look?

So often on blogs, we talk about these adorably put together outfits that the average person may find unattainable. I try to keep it real – especially in this shoot. This is an outfit that I would wear any day to run errands, meet a friend for brunch, or just work from my house in.

Other Things we Adore from Claire:

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