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Style Inspiration: Meet Likitha

Is there anything more hyped up than Sweater Weather? We certainly couldn’t let any more days of Fall pass us without highlighting this seasonal favorite! Our Instagrammer pal Likitha had us swooning over her cozy-chic look, which inspired this week’s theme: #SensationalinSweaters

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Time to meet our Style Inspiration, Likitha:

Software Engineer by day, Artist by Night!

Best sweater weather pink

#IAdoreWhatIWore Look:

Sweater: New York & Company
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Agaci
Earrings: New York & Company
Photo: @bahcallmemaybe

Likitha, How do you describe your Instagram?

My Instagram is about my fashion and fitness journey focusing on OOTD posts, travel posts, and also focusing on fitness challenges & talking about it alongside daily progress I make in the stories.

Why is Instagram an important platform for you?

Instagram is a great way to meet like minded people and to work on creating better content, get bigger exposure and explore new fashion trends.

What is your signature style hack?

Add a touch of an accessory or a color to stand out and be yourself.

Tell us about a day you felt amazing in your own skin.

I felt the best when I wore my marriage outfit a traditional silk saree. I felt very pampered and the happiest during my wedding ceremony and I loving working a beautiful saree be it traditional or fancy.

What makes your sense of style unique?

I would say it is contemporary being mixed with both western and eastern influences. I would like to uniquely combine best of both (USA and India) worlds and make it my own.

Other Looks we Adore from Likitha:

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