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Style Inspiration: Meet Bettina from The Next Trip

Although we found this travel & fashion blogger in all Wintery White, you’ll usually find her in a pop of her favorite color: teal! But whatever Bettina chooses to wear, it’s always chic, sophisticated & feminine. We can’t help but adore her style.

Meet Bettina from The Next Trip, who is our style inspiration for this week: #WinteryInWhite.

#IAdoreWhatIWore Look:

Shoes: @sjpcollection ⠀
Skirt: @shopakira ⠀
Top: @hm ⠀
Earrings: @hm
Purse: @aldo_shoes

First off, why don’t you introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Bettina from The Next Trip and my passion is to inspire you to travel the world, one trip at a time, and take fashion around the globe! As a travel and fashion blogger, I want to show you how you can go and travel to amazing places even with a full-time job and on a budget!

How do you describe your Instagram & Blog?

My instagram and blog revolve around travel and fashion. It is my mission to inspire others to travel and take fashion around the globe. I want to inspire people by sharing some of my favorite destinations, travel hacks, brands, and fashion items.

Tell us how you got into blogging.

I started The Next Trip a year ago as a way for my family who lives in Switzerland, my boyfriend’s family who lives in Canada, and all of our friends to stay connected to us and see what we’re up to. We have always traveled a lot and love sharing our trips with the people close to us. The Next Trip has quickly evolved into sharing our trips with everyone who wants to learn more about how we travel, where we go, and what to wear.

What is your signature style hack?

I combine basics with basics so that I combine almost everything with it. Add some heels, a nice scarf, and jewelry and you’ll always look put together.

Tell us about a day you felt amazing in your own skin.

The one day this year I felt most amazing in my skin and in what I’m wearing was on my birthday this year. I was wearing a tight maxi dress with flowers and some really high heels. But most importantly, I had reached my weight goal of many years that day, worked out a lot, felt put together because my hair was nicely done. All in all, everything came together that day and I felt like I could accomplish all of my goals if I work as hard as I did on my weight goals.

What do you love about the outfits you chose to wear in your shoot with I Adore What I Wore?

Other than the SJP shoes, both outfits were extremely affordable but are very cute holiday looks combining a cute, cozy, and fashionable aspect. And of course, I love all the bows in both outfits and think they are perfect for the holiday season.

Other Looks we Adore from Bettina:

Find Bettina Here: @being_bettina     |     The Next Trip

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